Membership in AJYP

Because 2020-21/5781 is AJYP’s inaugural year, introductory membership dues will be kept low and affordable for all Jewish Youth Professionals (JYPs).

This year’s membership cost is $180, and includes these benefits:

  • Participation in our first professional development conference, November 15-17, 2020
  • Access to videos and materials from all sessions of the professional development conference
  • Exclusive discounts from vendors providing products and services for Youth Departments
  • Participation in national events that offer each Youth Department the opportunity to benefit from shows, speakers, and interactive activities not generally affordable for small groups.
  • Please note that participation in the Whatsapp group will remain open to non-members for the foreseeable future.
  • Additional benefits that will launch immediately after the professional development conference include…
    • Regular webinars on topics of interest to JYPs
    • Collaboration through the fully launched website
    • Access to all resources on the website, including materials created through the collaborative efforts of our participating JYPs.

Watch this video to better understand what AJYP is all about, how your dues will be spent, and what you’ll get in return:

No one will be refused membership due to inability to pay dues.

  • When you apply for membership, we will send you an invoice requesting payment from your organization (i.e. synagogue or youth group)
  • If the organization does not wish to incur this expense and you are not able to do so personally, you will be asked to commit to devoting 6 hours of your time to help the AJYP.
  • This 6-hour time commitment may be spent:
    • Helping with the population of resources on the website
    • Helping with the planning of the Professional Development Conference and other events for JYPs
    • Teaching skills to JYPs at the Professional Development Conference and on future webinars

How to apply for membership: