The Alliance of Jewish Youth Professionals (AJYP) is dedicated to supporting and developing professionals in the field of Informal Jewish Education, and to educating the overall Jewish community as to the importance and value of these professionals.

In pursuit of this mission, AJYP endeavors to provide:

  • Avenues for collaboration between Jewish Youth Professionals on the development of educational materials and programs for Jewish youth.
  • Avenues for cooperation between Jewish Youth Professionals on the planning and execution of national and international events and initiatives.
  • Professional development, training, and peer mentoring for Jewish Youth Professionals.
  • Advocacy for Jewish Youth Professionals with synagogue and organizational leadership.
  • Job placement assistance and guidance.

AJYP’s goal is to ensure that Jewish youth in every community benefit from the highest level of professionalism and dedication from the educators, synagogue youth directors, organization directors, and other professionals who serve Jewish youth.

AJYP: Powering the people who empower Jewish Youth